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Komun.org is a cooperative team of experts in different technical areas: security, networks, blockchain, graphic design and video editing, web design, Prestashop, WordPress, programming ... at the service of the common good.

We always use free software, that is an inalienable subject because our tools are also political.

These are the areas in which we specialize:

  • Security

  • Networks

  • Graphic design and video editing (gimp, inskcape, kdenlive, pencil, ...)

  • Programming

  • Web development

  • Blockchain and decentralized electronic currencies

  • Telegram Bots

  • Cooperative economy


Komun.org is an autonomous cooperative at the service of the common. We collaborate with the FairCoop project, the Earth's Cooperative ecosystem for a fair economy. That's why we accept FairCointhe ecological currency for a fair economy. We are also open to collaboration with any organization or group with ethical values, ecological, solidarity and oriented to the common good.

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