Translation of the manual in Spanish. The images correspond to the interface in Spanish.

This manual has the function of being simple so that anyone can become a seller. We will take the necessary steps to turn the markets controlled by the multinationals and the state into a new, more social and friendly market full of "prosumers".

The concept of prosumers is necessary to begin to understand this system change that we are going to undertake. The idea of ​​using Bazar as a point of sale will always imply that I will also use the social currencies to continue making circular economy for what I will produce / sell and consume, hence the "prosumer".

For this, the Bazar 1.0 platform will only pay vendors in faircoin, a cryptographic social currency with a fixed price set in assembly, currently at € 1.2 for each faircoin. If you do not agree with receiving faircoins it is not necessary to continue with the manual and we will wait for you when you are ready for this paradigm shift.

More details on the terms and conditions page, but basically the idea is to initiate a change in the market model to improve the social relations of buying and selling and the circular economy.


Even though we want to decentralize as much as possible, we still need registration to work until next tools and since we use prestashop1.7x as a base, we need to register to configure our store and acquire products / services.


This is what Bazar version 1.0 looks like.

At the top left we can see the link to Log in. How do we still have no account? Click on "Do not have an account? Create one here."


Fill in the initial form and mark "Also register me as seller". Once registered, we are inside and we can make any purchase, but since it is the seller's manual we will complete the profile ...


Once you have registered to have your store in Bazar and your application has been approved, the first thing you should do is set up your store and make it beautiful.

Your panel looks like this:


If you press the board you will see something like this:


perfil del vendedor

There you will see some fields marked with a red asterisk * These fields must be filled out compulsorily. But since we are a disobedient Bazar, it is not imperative that they are all real. Only if you want and if not, use a little imagination.

Below you will see a space to put more things that are not obligatory but very convenient for your store to look beautiful:

Profile URL: enter the name of your store here, without spaces. If you need spaces, use a hyphen (-). For example: my-store

Logo: an image that represents you, in square format of 150x150 px

Banner of your store: a header image of 900x250 px

With this you have not finished, there is still some data that you must put to configure your store. Note that there are some more tabs: Meta information, Policy and Payment.

Let's go to the next tab:

There it is only mandatory to put some keywords related to your store or what you sell, separated by commas. For example: rice, lentils, natural products

The Meta description is a description of your store or what you sell, as if it were for a short advertisement. This field is not mandatory but it makes it very easy for your store to be found by Internet search engines. So if you want to put it on and if not, no. Now we will go to the next tab that seems a bit more messy but it is not so much.

There are three texts to fill in regarding the Privacy Policy, Return Policy and Shipping Policy. Well, there you may want to put something extensive and detailed or also finish as soon as possible. At least you must put something, even if it's extremely simple.

You may now want to put something simple and later you will do it calmly. No problem but as it is mandatory to put something, put whatever considering that those who visit your store will see it.

Examples of short paragraphs to get out of step:

Privacy Policy

We do not collect or store data except those necessary to make the shipment.<

Return Policy

Contact us if there is any problem with the shipment.

Shipping Policy

Your order will be handled and sent as soon as possible

Remember, if later you want to put something more extensive you can always edit it again.

Now we only have one tab left.


Here you choose Fairwallet and below you put your Faircoin address. Faircoin addresses are something like this:


You must have one to be able to sell in Bazar.

BAZAR also allows sales in social currency (IntegralCES)

And with this you are finished.

Now you can click Save on any of the tabs and your store is already set up.

You can start adding products.


In the menu on the left click on products and then add new product and choose the type of product. It can be a normal product (the most usual), a pack of products or a virtual product (it does not need to be sent or it can be downloaded).

Siguiendo, vemos todas las pestañas de características de cada producto:

We fill in the fields to leave a nice and complete product ...

General information: [Do not forget a good description both shortly and in its full version. Important: the product will be visible when YES is selected in the ACTIVE box]

Prices: [Put the price reference in Euros, normally also comparable to the social currencies and the change to faircoins will be automatic. The wholesale price is not necessary.]

SEO: [Important for your product to be searchable in google and other search engines.]

Images: [To save images, first save the product and then click on images to upload them.]

Features: [At the moment only for fabrics.]

Quantities: [It adds the quantities of stock that you can offer to collect in social currency or Faircoin. it is important because we do not intend to change your faircoins to euros although it is possible that soon we will also have that possibility.]

Categories: [Click on Buy by category to display all the categories and mark the correct ones.]

Shipping: [If you make shipments, you can mark the approximate size of the packages to be able to mark prices and others. In the shipping menu you can add your own shipping or picking methods] There is a specific manual for this: SET SHIPPING METHODS.

Suppliers: [If they are created you can mark them to give more information, in case you are a distributor. Contact BAZAR if you need this feature]

Combinations: [To create products with attributes such as size, color, etc.] Add a new attribute and choose from the available ones that can be combined with each other. If you need any set of attributes that do not exist, request it from the Bazar administration]

Save and you have your first product ... add all you have available and for now you are in the social market of Bazar.


When you get a sale of a product or service associated with your store, you will receive an email to contact the buyer and prepare the order. It details the quantities and conditions.

You will observe that in the menu "orders" you see the number of those we have pending.

To see a specific order, click on the reference link and the file with the order information will be displayed. It shows all the data referring to the order that has been made to us. The status, the payment method used, the chosen shipping method, the buyer's mailing address, etc.

In this case the order has been canceled. Do not send the product until the status "payment accepted" appears (green color).

Further down on that screen you will also see the shipments, the details of the products and a form to write a message to the customer or leave a note for you, to remember something.


After the first sale if everything has gone well BAZAR will send you the payment in a period of approximately 15 days. We can also contact Bazaar to claim payment for our sold products if you notice any delay.

For when we need to claim a payment to the platform we have this form that we see when clicking on "Request for payment" (solicitud de pago). We apologize if the platform is not yet fully translated.

It is a simple form that creates an alert to administrators to comply with the transactions in Faircoin that corresponds to you as a seller. Remember this, you will always be paid in Faircoin.


Within the control panel of the seller we also have:

  • My critics (mis críticas)
  • Earnings (ganancias or ganador)
  • Proceedings (actas)
  • Request category (categoría solicitud)
  • Shipping (envío)

My critics are not currently activated in Bazar so it is not necessary to use them.

In Earnings and Proceedings you can see sales and earnings graphs..

In Request category you can ask the administrators if we miss any category for our products.

And in shipping you can see all the shipments that we have as well as add custom shipping forms.

This completes the control panel menu for sellers.

Versión de edición 1.1 Fecha 22 NOV 2018