Terms and Conditions


Bazar is an online market that brings together multiple stores, producers and sellers. We only accept trusted sellers and we do not tolerate frauds. Any bad practice will result in the suspension of the store that has incurred in it.


All stores in Bazar accept FairCoin and sell their products in exchange for FairCoin. Although payments in other currencies are accepted, sellers always receive payments in FairCoin. Bazar will try in good faith to solve any problem that may arise.


The stores admitted to Bazar accept that the payment is retained by Bazar for 15 days to ensure that the entire process is carried out to the satisfaction of all parties. In addition, stores contribute to the maintenance of this system with a small percentage of the amount sold, decided by the assembly of Komun.org, which at this moment is 3%


Creating a store in Bazar is completely free but we only accept stores with Fair products, that is: we only accept ethical products and services. The final decision on whether accepted stores and products corresponds to the assembly of Komun.org.


We do not use more data than the essentials for Bazar to work. Here there is no sale of personal data or advertising or nonsense.


Bazar is an autonomous project linked to Fair.Coop, which it fully supports. This means that all the stores in Bazar are integrated in this project with all the rights and obligations towards the common that correspond to them.


If in the future the relationship expressed in point 6 changes and we follow another model, the stores linked to Bazar will receive the necessary information in this regard.